Booking flow

Manage from reservation to guest output

Quickly create reservations from an identifier

Add guests automatically by name, document or email

Specify the reservation source for channel-targeted analysis

Add products or services, payments and notes

Automatically generate the guest's registration form and invoice



Booking calendar

View all bookings for the month, filtering by accommodation and source. Easily change your dates by dragging them in the calendar or create a new one by clicking the desired day.

Real time accommodation

See all the accommodations and their occupation status and create new reservations with a click on the desired accommodation. Shared rooms will be grouped, creating sub-levels.

Guest's flow per day

Daily guests can obtain a flow of guests in the establishment, considering adults and children. This control is useful for planning meals offered at the facility or the staff scale.

Guest management

Get quick access to contact information, remarks and booking history. Download the guest file and use it to create targeted email marketing campaigns.


Billing of bookings and consumption for past or future period. Status of all accommodations and graphics with guest types and payments.

Products and services

Register the products and services offered by the establishment and bid quickly on a booking. Customize categories according to need.

Registration form

Generate automatically and print the guest's registration form in 2 languages and with the establishment's logo.

Booking invoice

Any time, automatically generate and print the partial or final invoice with the establishment's logo, discriminating all the values of the lodging.


Manage all payments made and outstanding quickly and easily.


Alerts that indicate the entry and exit expiration, with automatic cancellations.

Overbooking control

Control center for overbooking, indicating the affected reservations quickly. See more

Shared accommodations

Reservation of dorms in shared rooms for hostels. See more

Import and Export

Import and export the booking calendar for Booking, Airbnb and other sites. See more

100% responsive

Fully customizable for computers, tablets and smartphones. Access from where and how you prefer.

Immediate start

Registration and online account setup. Just a few clicks create the first reservation.


Fast and efficient support via email, phone, and WhatsApp with audio and video.


Connections in a secure environment, encryption of information and backups.

Do you need to adapt to the specific rules of your business?

Frequently asked questions

Drop us an email if you couldn't find an answer to your question in the following list.

How is the system installation?

Fully online and does not require physical installation. Simply register and access it through a computer, smartphone or tablet.

How is the system configured?

After registration, redirection takes place for the configuration steps. Optionally, our team can do the whole setup.

Where is the information saved?

All data is safely saved in the cloud. Thus, they can be accessed from anywhere and device.

Is the system customizable?

Completely customizable, either by configurations or by requesting additional modules and functionality.

What are the limitations of the free plan?

The free plan can be used forever and have a limit of 30 bookings per month.

How is the support?

Support is via email, telephone, and WhatsApp. Always fast and at any time.

How to pay a premium plan?

The payment is in the system itself via credit card, automatically renewing in the monthly, quarterly or annual cycle.

How to cancel a premium plan?

Cancellation can be done at any time at no additional charge by migrating the subscription to the free plan.