Create reservations quickly even without guest information

Change the price easily and without bureaucracy

Add guests automatically by name, document or email

Add companions (optional)

Change accommodation even after creating the reservation

Specify the reservation source for channel-targeted analysis

Add expenses, payments and observations

Automatically generate the voucher, guest file, invoice and receipt

Add discounts and additions with one click

View all booking history by date, time and user



Map of reservations and stays

Select the desired period to see all reservations and stays by accommodation and with the option to filter by origin and status. With just one click you can see more details or create a new reservation.

Accommodation Map

See real-time occupied, reserved, maintained and available accommodations. With just one click enter a reservation or stay, remove accommodation from maintenance or create a new reservation.

Generate automatic documents

Automatically generate the voucher, guest file, invoice and receipt. All documents have the visual identity of the establishment and with options to download, print and send by email.


It is possible to register providers and segment reservations according to their origin, being able to apply this filter in several screens of the system. Providers can be companies, agencies, booking sites and whatever else is convenient.

Guest management

Quickly register guests, search and view their history with just one click. It is possible to customize the mandatory and optional fields of the registration, in addition to exporting it in Excel format. The registration also has automatic address filling in by postal code and general comments from the guest.

Consumption management

Register products and services to easily post to the guest account when booking or staying. Customize the categories of consumption according to your business.


See the billing of accommodation and consumption by period with details on the status of the accommodation and graphics with the types of guests and payment methods.

Choose the best plan for your business

Access by tablet or cell phone

Fully customizable for computers, tablets and smartphones. Access from anywhere.

Custom Registration

Choose the mandatory and optional guest registration fields.

Flexible rates

Choose the convenient rate by booking with discounts or additions.

Users registration

Easily add collaborators with specific access permissions.

User history

Have a complete history of the actions of each user of the system.


Manage all payments made and outstanding quickly and easily.


Alerts that indicate the entry and exit expiration, with automatic cancellations.

Shared accommodations

Reservation of dorms in shared rooms for hostels. See more

Inventory control

Inventory control with restriction options and complete history.

Overbooking control

Control center for overbooking, indicating the affected reservations quickly. See more


Fast and efficient support via email, phone, and WhatsApp with audio and video.


Connections in a secure environment, encryption of information and backups.

Do you need to adapt to the specific rules of your business?


Frequently asked questions

Drop us an email if you couldn't find an answer to your question in the following list.

How does the trial period work?

They are 15 days to validate in practice if the system suits your business. Nothing is charged at this stage!

How is the system installation?

Fully online and does not require physical installation. Simply register and access it through a computer, smartphone or tablet.

How is the system configured?

After registration, redirection takes place for the configuration steps. Optionally, our team can do the whole setup.

Where is the information saved?

All data is safely saved in the cloud. Thus, they can be accessed from anywhere and device.

How is the support?

The support of our team is a differential factor. We are always available by email, phone and WhatsApp. We have more than customers, we have friends and partners.

How to pay a premium plan?

The payment is in the system itself via credit card, automatically renewing in the monthly, quarterly or annual cycle.

How to cancel a premium plan?

Cancellation can be done at any time at no additional charge by migrating the subscription to the free plan.

Is the system customizable?

Completely customizable, either by configurations or by requesting additional modules and functionality.